TG Dance is a different approach to dance education.

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The program emphasizes skill-based learning, which focuses on the individual and their goals, rather than simply a recital. All participants must wear basics which include a black leotard, tights, and shoes. Skirts, tutus, and pants are required for certain classes and are available in our Pro Shop. All classes are co-ed and held in TG3 unless otherwise noted. 


To drop a class, Troy Gym requires written notification. Send an email to seven days before the first of the month to ensure your credit card will not be charged the month's tuition. The email must contain the parent's name, student's name, and the class you will be dropping.


Ages 3+

Students will learn basics in the original styles of Hip Hop dance (breakdance, popping, and locking) as well as a variety of funk and street styles.



Ages 3+

Acro dance combines acrobatic technique with dance as well as partner work, weight sharing, contortion, and some tumbling.



Ages 3+

Dancers will learn the proper technique for leaps and turns used in dance, gymnastics, and cheer.




Ages 2-3

This class will explore movement through music while promoting creativity and coordination through movement and exercise.
*Parent or guardian required


Ages 3+

Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, musicality, and coordination.




Ages 3+

Ballet is the foundation of many dance forms and is essential for building the necessary technique required to maximize the dancers' ability in all other areas of dance.




Ages 3-5

Teachers incorporate a variety of dance games and movement activities which help with muscle coordination and following directions.



Ages 3+

Modern dance explores movement, space, rhythm, and the dancer's own creativity. Modern classes emphasize floor work, flow, partnering, and expressive movement. 




Ages 3+

Dancers will learn different tricks which are geared towards breakdancing, parkour, and other styles of dance tricks. 



Ages 4-5

Dancers will learn the basics of jazz dance technique, turns, and leaps, as well as choreography to fun, upbeat music.


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TG1&2: 1600 W. Maple Rd., Troy, MI 48084

TG3: 1921 Northwood Dr., Troy, MI 48084

TG4: 1311 Maplelawn, Troy, MI 48084


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