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Our USTA Trampoline and Tumbling teams compete on rod floor, trampoline, and double mini.

Important team info listed below

The USTA Competitive Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T) Team is made up of Levels Sub-Beginner-Elite. Routines are comprised of required skills and elements provided by USTA. T&T Athletes can compete a different level on each event, so athletes are placed into a "group" with similar levels & ages for their season. All groups compete compulsory skills and have the opportunity to compete at the state level.  Our upper level groups that compete both compulsory and optional/upgraded skills have the opportunity to perform at the State and National levels.  Our program also offers recreational classes that are co-ed and all boys.  We also offer a tiny tumblers program for those ages 3-5 who participate in fun meets and begin to learn the basic fundamentals of the sport of T&T!

Interested in joining our team?

Email us at

T&T Coaches


Heather- Director of T&T

Lauren- Manager of T&T

Jillian - Head Coach

Autum - Head Coach

Kareena - Assistant Coach

Gillian - Assistant Coach

Ben - Assistant Coach

Bri - Assistant Coach

Aslyn - Assistant Coach


2022 Season Highlights


We have had 11 athletes get a 9.6 or higher out of 10 on double mini! TG has the largest team in Michigan with 68 members!

TG took home 53 first place finishes at the Michigan State Championships in 2022!


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