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Our Tiny Geniuses learn, move, and create beyond the classroom. 

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TGPD Students

  • Class held on

    • Wednesdays or Fridays 

    • $40/month

  • Held in TG3


At Tiny Geniuses, we believe that it is important to welcome and involve families in a child's early childhood education experience. In addition to our open door policy, family volunteer opportunities, and at home activity calendars, we invite families to come out every other month and participate in our family committee meetings. These meetings are one hour long and consist of a 30 minute learning experience on an early childhood topic followed by 30 minutes of committee meeting topics such as program growth, changes, fundraising, social events, and more.

All parents, guardians, and adult family members of Tiny Geniuses students are welcome to attend any meeting.


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