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Drop-in classes allow the freedom and flexibility to try a class without the commitment. Participants do not need to be enrolled in a regular class to train.

Troy gym offers a variety of classes for all skill levels and ages, and sometimes it can be hard to commit to a class full time. Drop-in classes allow for the opportunity to try out, or jump into, a structural class without committing to the entire month.  Spaces is limited; Pre-registration is highly suggested. 

All participants must have an online waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian prior to enrolling. In addition to an online waiver, there is also an annual $25 registration fee that must be current for any child to participate. 

Participants must fall within the ages 5-23 to participate.



Ages 5-23 years

Drop-In Ninja classes gives aspiring ninjas a chance to discover the ins and outs of ninja class. Allowing students to train in the Ninja Room (which is not accessible during open gyms), and in the ninja corner.


An instructor is present during the class, and will show the student how to safely use the equipment and perform the skills. They will then run them through an obstacle course utilizing the equipment in the ninja room and ninja corner! 

  • Saturday,12:00-12:55

    • $35/class

    • Ages 5+

    • Held in TG1

  • Sunday, 12:30-1:25

    • ​​$35/class
    • Held in TG1 (ages 5-8)
  • Sunday, 12:00-12:55
    • $35/class​
    • Held in TG4 (ages 8+)


Ages 5-23 years

Drop-In Tumbling is a one hour tumbling class that utilizes the floor and tumbling track for tumbling/gymnastics skills. This option is great for cheerleaders, dancers and gymnasts. 


A coach will work with you on your individual, desired skills providing you with drills and spotting techniques to assist you with your progress.  This class is ideal for students who are stuck on a skill and want extra practice with an experienced coach. A great option while waiting for private lessons to become available. 


  • Monday, 6:30-7:30p​​

  • Friday, 7:00-8:00p

  • Saturday, 11:00-12:00p

    • $35/class

    • Held in TG1

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