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Our pre-teams prepare younger gymnasts for the competitive aspect of team without the same level of commitment as our competitive teams. 

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Ages 4-6 & 7-9

Pre-Team bridges the gap between recreational gymnastics and our competitive team programs. The primary goal is to provide the necessary foundation for an athlete to be successful, strong, knowledgeable, and confident heading into the competitive side of gymnastics. Girls will practice competing in 2-3 mandatory "show cases" or "fun meets". These mini competitions are purely for experience and enjoyment. Practices are a mix of fun, strength based conditioning, skill building, and friendship making. We hope that girls enter Pre-team with the hopes of loving our sport for a long time. While Pre-team is a commitment for parents and girls, we know that our program offers way more than gymnastics. When you join TG team, you join our team family. Pre-team is a year-long commitment. We ask that you consider this before joining our program, Extended time off can often lead to disappointment and burn out. Our goal is to keep girls engaged, loving their sport, and having fun. Please help us support our vision for them. Invitation only. Placement for Preteam is based on age and ability. 



Ages 4+

Much like the recreational program, the boys developmental program is separated by age group and meets twice a week. These groups focus on training USAG Level 3 routines which are comprised of entry level skills. At the same time, they focus on strength, flexibility, skills, and fun (not always in this order). This class will not only help your child build their confidence, flexibility, determination, balance, strength, and endurance; they will learn the discipline of perfecting their skills as they prepare for competitive gymnastics. These athletes are also invited to participate in a few fun meets during our normal season
(Dec – April).

Placement for Tigers/Titans are based on age. Tryout required.




Ages 3.5-6

The co-ed TG Tiny Tumblers Team allows your 3.5-6 year old gymnast to experience the fun, competitive side of a competitive sport. Athletes will learn the basics of Power Tumbling and Trampoline as well as locomotive skills that are essential to forming well-rounded athletes. Each gymnast has the opportunity to compete in sanctioned competitions hosted at TG. Team members will practice once a week. 

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