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Creative Curriculum is a research based curriculum our teachers use to create high-quality lesson plans and programs for each age group. Using exploration of studies that interest the children, our program promotes social skills, emotional development, early reading and writing, as well as many other school-readiness skills your child will need for elementary school.


In addition to Creative Curriculum, our teachers use an assessment tool called Teaching Strategies. Teaching Strategies allows us to evaluate each child's development through observations. We then implement specific activities into the weekly lesson plan to help reach academic, social-emotional and physical goals for every child. Although we communicate with student's families daily and are always available to talk about your child's development, parents & guardians of students who attend regularly in our program will receive report cards and the opportunity for an official parent teacher conference to review the reports every May and November.

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Children's social skills will progress as they experience every day interactions with their peers. The teachers at TGPD will guide children with listening skills, problem solving, confidence, self-help skills and learning independence to help mold them into wonderful members of society.


Building healthy relationships and trust with teachers and peers is a large part of our program. Our teachers act as role models as they guide the children using positive encouragement and redirection. Children will be encouraged
to be themselves and to be proud
of their accomplishments. 


Physical development and motor skills are a huge part of our program at TGPD. We focus on both large and small motor skills in our classrooms daily as well as on our natural playground. We also share our building with a 42,000 sq. ft. gymnastics facility which allows us to have an extended range of physical development
activities that cannot be found at
most daycares or preschools.


The learning areas in our classrooms are key to cognitive development in our program. Each classroom is set up with math, science, reading, writing, dramatic play, block, sensory, small motor, and art areas. Our teachers carefully design activities for each of these areas that scaffold and enhance cognitive development. While it may look like play, your child will actually be learning a wide variety of skills daily including numbers, letters, shapes, counting, sorting and more.



at a glance

This preschooler is building the Titanic and icebergs- topics he had been talking about for weeks. This type of interest and passion towards a subject is why we use Creative Curriculum. It allows each classroom to do studies on topics that the children are interested in rather than teacher suggested themes. Our preschool teachers took the opportunity to enhance the learning experience in the classroom for all students and encourage this specific student's self-esteem and creativity by implementing the lesson plan below.

Fabulous Fours Lesson Plan Titanic Octob
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