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Please review our policies and procedures before attending Troy Gym classes and events.

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Each participant must have a completed electronic registration form before participating in any classes or events at Troy Gym, including camps, KNO, TNO, and Open Gyms. Registration forms must be completed by a parent or LEGAL guardian. Forms must be completed online and can be accessed by clicking here.


Troy Gym offers rolling enrollment. Students can join classes at any time and will have the same schedule until you tell us otherwise!  All enrolled students must follow our auto-charge policy in order to remain in a class. Click here for more  detailed information regarding our enrollment policies.



  •  No food or drink allowed in the gym at anytime!

  • Hair must be pulled back.

  • Absolutely NO jewelry.

  • Troy Gym is not responsible for lost valuables. 

  • Gymnastics attire: leotard/shorts & t-shirt
    (NO jeans, skirts, dresses, midriff showing). 

  • Cheer attire: CLEAN tennis shoes, t-shirt & shorts. 

  • NOBODY over the age of 23 is allowed on ANY equipment at any time!

    • For insurance reasons, anyone who is NOT a registered student or employee shall NOT be in the gym area for any reason unless accompanied at all times by an employee of Troy Gym. Under no circumstances shall any non-student use ANY of the equipment in the gym for ANY reason. Troy Gym is not responsible for any person who is injured in any way if they choose to use the equipment or facilities in violation of this policy.


  • One way on the TumblTrak and Double Mini. 

  • No swinging on any ropes or rings; if you climb up you MUST climb down (ropes & net)  

  • BOTH HANDS on the bars at all times; ask instructor prior to using chalk.

  • Land on feet/bottom only in the pit.

  • Slide MUST have an instructor present; slide is open at instructor’s discretion.

  • Do not touch the ice maker.

  • Follow all other rules/directions provided by instructor; Failure to abide by these rules can result in child being sent home for the day.


Troy Gym requires written notification to drop a class. Send an email to 
7 days before the first of the month to ensure your credit card will not be charged the month’s tuition. The email must contain the parent’s name, student’s name, and the class you
will be dropping. Please note the domain for our emails changed in 2020. We will not accept requests sent to our old domain of


Troy Gym Covid-19 Quarantine Guidelines

Updated 10/4/2021

Positive Covid Test

If you have a positive Covid-19 test, you
must quarantine for 10 days from the onset
of symptoms; if there are no symptoms, start from test date. You may return to work or class on day 11.

Covid-19 Exposure  (Unvaccinated)
If you have been exposed to Covid-19 and have not been vaccinated, the following must be met before returning to Troy Gym:

  • A negative PCR test collected no sooner than 5 days after exposure date
    With a negative PCR result, a person may return on day 7, only if no symptoms develop

  • If a person chooses to not get a PCR test, stay home for 10 days. If no symptoms develop, a person may return to Troy Gym on day 11.

Covid-19 Exposure (Vaccinated)

If you have been exposed to Covid-19 and have been vaccinated, quarantining is not necessary. However the following must occur:

  • Watch for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 for 10 days

  • Wear a mask indoors for 10 days

  • If symptoms develop: stay home, and get a PCR test. Follow Positive COVID Test protocol

Covid Exposure & 3 Month Immunity
If a person has had Covid-19 and the person gets exposed, testing and quarantining is not necessary for 3 months after testing positive for Covid-19, unless of course symptoms develop.


All rec and team gymnasts and swim students are required to have a credit card on file with Troy Gym. Tuition is automatically charged on the 1st of every month. Families can pay for the next month’s tuition with cash or check prior to the 1st of the month. However, any unpaid tuition balances will be charged to the credit card on your account.  Failure to provide timely payment will result in being dropped from classes.


All students are allowed 2 make-ups per month. Make ups for a missed gymnastics/ninja class may be done in an age appropriate class of the same type if there is space available or an age appropriate Open Gym. Make ups for a missed swim class may be done in an age appropriate open gym or open swim. This can be scheduled during the month of your absence and up until the end of the month following the missed class. You can schedule this make-up by contacting the office via phone. Please note: we cannot guarantee gymnastics/ninja make-up classes in another class. We can only guarantee the class in which your child is enrolled. This is pending availability. We allow for one make-up per scheduled class.  Team families, please contact your director regarding individual team makeup policies.


Any and all payments made toward Troy Gym are non-refundable. If a child is enrolled in a drop in or by-session option (class, event, open gym, etc.) and you can no longer attend a session in which your child was enrolled, cancellation must be done prior to the start time to receive a credit on your in house account. No-call, no-show participants will not be credited.

Please review our monthly tuition and drop policy for participants in our recreational/preschool class programs. Team participants, please review your team agreement for drop and refund policies.


Troy Gym is a USA Gymnastics Member Organization. Find out more about Safe Sport policies and member information by visiting the links below:

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