Our center offers fun, educational, and age appropriate care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. For tuition rates or to schedule your tour, please call 248-816-8496 or email us at

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The Impeccable Infants classroom is designed to be a warm and friendly environment for infants and young toddlers ages 6 weeks through 18 months. With a wide variety of manipulative toys, tummy time and bright, cheery colors in the room, these tiny geniuses will never be bored.


This room is coming soon!


This classroom is for children ages 12 months to 2 years.  Our Magnificent Movers transition from the infant classroom to toddler appropriate learning activities and routines.  Their daily schedule includes gross motor play daily on our playground or at Troy Gym.  We encourage independence and beginning self-help skills for our toddlers, as well as work on social/emotional development, including labeling feelings and emotions. 


This classroom is for children ages 18 months to 2 ½ years. Our Tremendous Toddlers will be introduced to daily routines together as a class. They will enjoy many learning experiences and fun activities that include gymnastics and outdoor play. They will also start potty training with our experienced teachers. Tremendous Toddlers will have tons of fun as they practice for preschool.


Our Young Preschool Classroom's nickname is the Potty Training Preschool and is for children ages 2 ½ through 3 years. These brilliant minds will experience a typical preschool day complete with large and small group times that will introduce letters, numbers and a variety of preschool studies. The children will learn through play, teacher and child initiated lessons, and have hands on experiences that will keep these busy bodies learning and growing. The best part, your preschooler does not have to be potty trained to attend this classroom! We will help with that as part of our curriculum!


Children ages 2 years 9 months through 4 years and bathroom independent will learn with our Preschool Creative Curriculum. These children will be exposed to a print rich environment that will help refine letter & number recognition, and introduce early writing and reading skills. The preschool lesson plans are composed of interesting studies that will expand and scaffold the learning of each child.


Our center has Drop-In and Summer Camp care available for children up to age 12. Families who have registered their children in our School-Age Drop-in program love having a back up plan when the elementary schools have snow days, 1/2 days, and school breaks.

Our School-age Summer Camp also offers a safe, summer plan for your student during the summer. We plan a variety of fun activities as well as field trips and have a lot of fun!

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