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When school's out, TG is in!

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School's out? No problem....TG is IN! Join Troy Gym for School's Out Camps! We will play & explore in TG1, TG2, and of course in the ever famous Ninja Room! We will take breaks mid-morning & mid-afternoon with a snack (provided by parents) & a craft. All day campers will break up the day with lunch (provided by parents).


Important Notice


All payments toward camps are non-refundable per our refund policy. Campers who are not well, are able to cancel their camp day up until 30 minutes into the day of camp in which they are registered to receive a credit for a future visit. No call, no show campers will not be issued a credit for absences. Campers annual $25 registration fee will need to be current for participation. Additionally, families will sign off on Troy Gym’s new online waiver. This will be prompted at time of registration. 


We follow the Troy School District calendar for camp dates.

New for 2022

This summer, choose your adventure! 

We are excited to announce our Summer Camps Program is GROWING! Troy Gym currently offers TG1/2 (ages 4-12) and TG3/IRC (ages 48"-12 year) camps. This summer, we will be adding two new options for YOU!

We anticipate enrollment to begin at the end of February, but here's a glimpse at what you can expect to see:

Jr. Campers

This 2 hour camp is perfect to get your little ones in a group activity independently. We will have structured fun in Troy Gym 4's play area, with a snack (provided by parent/guardian) and craft in between. Children ages 3 & 4, who are completely bathroom independent are welcome!

TG4/3 Camps

Our TG4/3 Camps will be divided by age group & height so campers can best utilize their options. For safety purposes, we cannot allow a child over 48" to be on the MRC course in TG4 but all children ages 5-7 will be grouped together in this age bracket. Campers under 48" will not be able to utilize the IRC, again for safety purposes. Troy Gym's indoor pool will be utilized by the 8-12 year group only. 

Campers ages 5-7 will be joining us for all the fun in TG4's play area including the MRC, Advanced Ninja Area, bounce house, & playground! We will take field trips to TG3 to play in the gym, as well as utilize the water inflatable! Those over 48" tall will not be able to do the MRC rotation and we do recommend they attend the TG1/2 camp in this scenario.

Campers 8 to 12 years old will be joining us for all the fun in TG3, including our Indoor Ropes Course! We will take field trips over to TG4 to utilize the pool, the TANC (Troy Advanced Ninja Course), Troy Towers & MORE! We do recommend all children are at least 54" tall to do the IRC.


JUN 13-AUG 26



Full Day


8:30am - 4:00pm

Ages 4 - 12 (Must be bathroom independent)

Cost: $70 per day 

$300 per week (non-refundable, non-transferable; summer camp only)



Half Day


8:30am - 12:00pm or 12:30pm - 4:00pm

Ages 4 - 12 (Must be bathroom independent)

Cost: $35 per day


Below is a checklist of items that each camper MUST bring with them to our facility. All items must fit into one bag (this includes the lunch box). All items must be labeled with the child’s first and last name. Any item left behind will be disposed of.

What to Bring:

  • Quiet time activity (no electronics, please)

  • Lunch cold lunch-we are unable to heat up lunches.

  • 2 snacks (1 if half day)

    • All food items brought should be healthy to help support a productive body and mind. Pack extra food, just in case. We see our campers going through food quickly!

  • Water bottle

  • Closed toe shoes for outdoors (ALL camps) and ropes courses (TG4/3 camps)

  • Clothes appropriate for outdoor weather

  • Change of clothes in case of accident or need to change

  • For summer camps only: swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, sandals/water shoes, bag for wet clothing items


Troy Gym requires each camper to have a completed camp packet. This will include: 

  • Camper information

  • Pick-Up/Release information

  • Emergency information

  • What to Bring

Enrollment Information:

Campers are enrolled into the group that they will be with for their camp day. Once a group is full, another group is added, so long as there is staffing. These groups will have one coach assigned. We cannot guarantee that campers in separate groups will be together. If you are trying to coordinate with a friend, it is important to register the day of. Troy Gym will not switch any child out of a group to accommodate play dates or friends/family members wanting to be together. Groups are filled on a first come, first serve basis. 

Campers must be age appropriate to enroll into a camp group. Troy Gym cannot move campers up an age group, however, we will allow for older siblings to be enrolled in a younger group with a sibling. This is the only exception. Children must already be the age of the group, or turning the age the week of the camp in which they are enrolling (i.e. a child's birthday on 12/5/2017 cannot be enrolled into Thanksgiving camp on 11/24/2021, as they will not yet be 4 years of age). 

Waitlist Protocol:

In order to be waitlisted for camps, potential campers must have an online waiver on file with Troy Gym. Our office staff will call waitlists as soon as spots become available. Families will have until 4PM that day, or Noon the next day to secure the camp spot. Our office staff will inform families of this deadline. Families must have a valid phone number on their account. If a voicemail box is full or not set up, we will drop your child from the waitlist and move to the next child in line. 

Policy for Picking Up (TG1/2 Camps):

When arriving to pick up your child, you will check in at TG1's front desk. Our camp management will direct you to your child's group. If you are coming before the end of your child's camp day (before Noon or 4PM), we ask that you call our office to inform us of the early pick up so we can help be sure your child is ready to go when you arrive. If you arrive at Noon or 4PM for pick up, you will still check in at the front desk and we will inform you of your camper's "final destination." Your camper will have all of their belongings with them at the end of their camp day.

Rotations & Location:

Our coaches have a detailed rotation schedule that they follow to allow for your camper to maximize their camp experience and see all that our TG1/TG2 campus has to offer. Depending on your child's group that they are enrolled in, as well as the number of campers we have enrolled for the day your child is enrolled, will determine the rotation. This schedule may change day to day. It is important that you stop by the front desk to start the check out/pick up process for your camper before trying to find them on our campus. Our coaches may run behind schedule, or may be transitioning to another rotation which may have them not be at the exact location at the time you arrive. We ask for your patience at pick up.