The Indoor Ropes Course at
Troy Gym 3 is the premiere indoor ropes course destination in Michigan.

We are open rain or shine
all year long!

The IRC@TG3 is an ACCT Certified course located at 1921 Northwood in Troy, MI. The 42,000 square foot facility houses the course and TG's competitive gymnastics programs. Our indoor ropes course contains state of the art high ropes, 4 zip lines, 2 rappelling stations, large cargo nets, rock walls, totaling over 40 elements! The IRC is perfect for corporate groups, sports teams, parties, church groups, schools, individuals, boy/girl Scout groups, team building, friendly get-togethers and more. The best part is that there will never be any weather cancellations!  

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Unsure? Please check out the course before registering. There are NO refunds or credits.






OPEN CLIMB: Prices vary from $16-$32/Person (2 Hours)

SMALL GROUPS (4-9):  Prices vary from $16-$24/Person (2 Hours)

MEDIUM GROUPS (10-24): $12-$24/Person (2 Hours)

LARGE GROUPS (25+): $10-$18/Person (2 Hours)


*Prices vary based on time, day, and holiday schedules. IRC group bookings require a 4-person minimum. If your group has less than 4, please book during an open climb. 


*Reservations must be made 48-72 hours in advance



  • The zip line is included in your ticket when it is open.

MONDAY-FRIDAY, 12-2 & 4-8





  • IRC is a separate business from Troy Gym.  

  • Please be patient in the event that there is a line.

  • Climb time is up to 2 hours.

  • No refunds or credits.

  • All participants must have a signed IRC waiver to participate.

  • Weight limit is 60-275 pounds.

  • Participants ages 12 & under must be accompanied by an adult. Individuals who cannot reach 5' 6" must also be accompanied by an adult.

  • Participants must safely fit in harness.

  • Shoes must be closed toed/sneakers, laces tied and secure.

  • No gum, food, or beverages allowed on the course.

  • Pockets MUST be empty. No loose objects such as phones or cameras. GoPros are allowed as long as they are secured.

  • TG is not responsible for any lost or misplaced items.

  • Crew members reserve the right to remove participants from the ropes course if rules are not obeyed or there is any horseplay suspected.

  • Skirts/Dresses/Jewelry are not appropriate clothing for the ropes course.

  • Heat Rises! Please wear appropriate clothing during the summer months for our ropes course.

  • The IRC is not recommended for anyone with neck/back/heart problems, pregnant, or recently undergone surgery.

  • Participants must be in good health to participate.

  • Do not touch overhead tracking system or tamper with your own harness or line.

  • Slingline ropes should stay in front of and between participants shoulders at all times.

  • Hair must be pulled back. Glasses must be secured.




Team Building at the Indoor Ropes Course has what it takes to bring your team to the next level. Mix up your next work or group outing on the ground with our team building activities and workshops, in the air on our high ropes course, or a combination of both. The blend of the two components is a fun way to challenge your group as individuals and as a team.

Team building activities are tailored to help support the mission and goals specific to your group, company, or team. All activities are guaranteed to bring out valuable characteristics and qualities for each individual such as leadership, adaptability, creative problem solving, and communication. Our course can also improve overall productivity and retention. Our high ropes course, which sits 13 feet above the ground, encourages risk-taking, positive coaching strategies, and trust. The team building activities and high ropes course are powerful tools that generate positive change, but also highlight the existing strengths within your group.

Our highly trained facilitators and course crew will work with your group to ensure that everyone is involved, having fun, and staying safe. Team building is a high-impact learning experience that will leave your team feeling more energized and inspired making Team Building at the Indoor Ropes Course is the best yearly investment you can make.




Due to Covid-19, there are currently no IRC classes.



  • 40% off open climb CODE: FESTIVE 

  • BOGO FREE: Thursday & Saturday, CODE: DATENIGHTDEC

Promos valid through December 31, 2021




Host your own event with us by emailing




Do we need to purchase tickets in advance?

Yes, please purchase tickets at least one day prior.

Is there a time limit on the course?

Participants can be on the course for up to 2 hours.

Where can I store my personal items?

There will be cubbies to store items. TG is not responsible for lost or missing items.

Are waivers required to enter the course or do low ropes?

Yes, waivers are required.

What clothing is recommended?

Closed toe shoes and comfortable clothing that can be easily moved around are required. No dresses or skirts are allowed.

Can my group or party reserve a time to get on the course?

Yes, please book your group by emailing us!

Can I bring anything with me on the course?

No, pockets must be emptied. Cell phones and cameras are not allowed.

Is the 60 lbs. weight requirement for the ropes course a strict number?

Yes. All participants must meet our weight requirements.

Who can benefit from team building?

Corporate groups, sports teams, school groups, teachers, scout groups and organizations can benefit from team building.

What will we be doing in team building?

Teams will explore new ways to communicate, problem solve, think outside the box, adapt to change and challenges, fail forward, and HAVE FUN!

What is low ropes?

Low ropes, also known as Team Building, is a series of activities and workshops designed to challenge your group as individuals and as a team. Team building activities are tailored to help support the mission and goals specific to your group, company, or team. All activities are guaranteed to bring out valuable characteristics and qualities for each individual such as leadership, adaptability, creative problem solving, and communication.

Can my group participate in low ropes only?

Yes. Groups can participate in low ropes or high ropes only or a combination of both.

How long does team building take?

We have a variety of options to suit your needs. Please contact for more information.

Do I have to pay a registration fee?

There is no annual registration fee for IRC classes. Classes are eligible for a 20% multiclass discount.

What will classes be working on?

Participants will practice their physical strength, agility & ropes course skill sets through staff instruction. The class will blend challenges and obstacles with leadership, teamwork, problem solving & communication.

Will I receive a discount if I join mid-month?

Yes, the 1st month will be prorated based on the number of days left in the month.

How do I sign up?

Climbers interested in classes may stop by the office or call us at 248.816.8496 to sign up.

I am going on vacation. Can I receive a makeup for my class?

Climbers enrolled in classes receive 2 make ups per month in another IRC class. In the event that this does NOT work, email for approval of an alternative time frame.

How do I cancel my class?

Email 7 days before the end of the month to drop.



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