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All About the Money...your money!

This is one of the most important pages for you, as an employee. These are the tools you will utilize to view your hours (clock ins, outs & codes); as well as how to view your paystubs and tax documentation. 

View your hours: 



CLICK HERE to access time clock.


User Name: last 4 or 5 of your social security number

Password: troyrocks (or your updated password, prompted for you to create at your initial login)

Site ID: 18496



Once logged in, you will be at the dashboard. Click "timecard" to view your clock ins/outs & codes.


Email any corrections before the end of each pay period, the 8th & 24th of each month. 

View your paystubs & tax documents



CLICK HERE to access Paycor.

*for your first time accessing, click the sign in button and click REGISTER at the bottom then follow the steps in section 2.


Setting up your account:

Type in your last name and the access code: 22797 

Click Continue 

Enter your SSN & DOB

Create username & password

*once you create an account, you will login to view your paystubs & W2s


When you login, Paycor will have a friendly greeting. Under the greeting, you wil have options, including PAYSTUBS & W-2. 

Here you can view all your paystubs and W2. They are downloadable for your convenience. 

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