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Rec Schedule & Availability Forms

This is your guide to when you are working classes & the availability forms required to update your availability. 

Any questions pertaining to your schedule can be directed to Jen,

Below is the note Jen had published with our August 1 Schedule: 

TG1 and TG2 Staff-  Our new coach schedule begins Tuesday August 1st.   

Now that we are getting back toward the school year, we will be running evaluations in each class during the month of August.  Please note that for coaches this should be brief and quickly noted.  In the coach room is an evaluation check list that you can use for your classes.  Hole punch if you like and it can be kept in your attendance binders.  Once they have all the skills necessary, they can be scheduled in the office for an evaluation with myself or Caity.

Shift subs- You are a helpful tool for all staff.  You are listed under the classes.  If someone needs a sub, they can contact you first.  This must be recorded in the sub book!!!   If you are not contacted to sub, you still come in for your shift and shadow with the coach listed.  As always during the class, you are to be focused on the kids as well as learning from the coach you are shadowing!

Same as the past seasons, your stations will be set up for your area.  Set up is done every other week.  Please modify the stations for your classes as necessary.  If any movement of the mats are done, you are to put them back per the picture before you leave.  Any suggestions or requests for skills are always welcome and appreciated. 

(Props to Coach Chris for putting this next set together, it is so true for every class at TG)

Three things for a successful class

  1. Be safe.

    1. Set expectations at the start of your class! This will save you from disciplining later.

    2. Set your ground rules as well as going over the gym rules. These need to be followed at all times. 

    3. Stick to your guns!  You are in charge of your class.

  2. Educational

    1. It’s a class.  They should be learning things from the moment they walk on the floor.

    2. You are a teacher and role model.  Appropriate behavior/conversation is required.

    3. Teaching Skills, Confidence, and Grit.  Set long term goals. Failure is how we learn.

  3. Fun

    1. You set the mood for the class.

    2. Be excited! Be loud! Be extra!!

Class Structure

Attendance/warm up: 10 to 15 minutes max! pending how long your class is.

  • You have the time before class to check and be prepared on your roster. If someone is not on your roster, check with the office if you have time, write their first and last name (do your best)

  • As you take attendance, connect with your class. 

  • Warm up time can be a teaching time as well, run through body positions, shapes, terms.  Changing this event up, makes it unique and challenging.

Event rotations: Approx. 10-20 in each area pending length of class.

  • Explain/Demonstrate (make it interactive)

  • Send them to their starting area.

  • Move! Talk! Spot! Coach!!

(Please note that we do not ever give conditioning as a punishment during class)

Free time: 5 min MAX!

  • Students do not need to have free time every week. Teaching and learning are our primary goals during class time.  

  • Free time does not need to be at the end of class. This will help eliminate overcrowding in one area.  

Please do not take your group to an area where there are others are still working their stations/event as it can be a distraction to the coach and the athletes. We are blessed to have a large area to work with where we can spread out. 

If at any time you have any questions regarding anything in the gym, reach out to

Jen -Rec and preschool Director

Cub- Rec Manager

Chris M- Ninja Director

I am looking forward to this next season of classes.




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