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Our competitive Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond teams.

Important team info listed below

The Bronze team is a unique program which is based on the USAG XCEL program. This program is designed to build a strong foundation for athletes. They will develop their basic skills as well as flexibility and strength. These skills will give them a strong base as they strive towards more advanced XCEL teams. The Bronze level participates in fun meets.

The XCEL Silver-Diamond team is a unique program that meets the needs of many gymnasts by providing a team atmosphere and a competitive experience without the extensive time and financial commitment. Gymnasts will experience the opportunity to express their personality and love of gymnastics through their own individual optional routines. These levels will participate in sanctioned away meets.


Water bottles & Snacks:

To ensure that the girls keep hydrated, have your child brings a water bottle to every practice. Gymnasts may also bring a healthy snack. We have a small break to refill water bottles and have a snack to refuel usually half way through practice.

Xcel Coaches


Dini - Director of Girls Xcel

Lead Coach: Jenny 


Lead Coach:Lana


Lead Coach: Michele 

Platinum & Diamond

Lead Coach: Dini 

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